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11am until 9pm

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Volunteer Form

I understand that all visitors to the festival site will possibly be exposed to inherent hazards such as fire ants, other biting insects, ticks, poison ivy and other such plants, venomous snakes, vehicles entering and leaving the site, sunburn, windstorm and lightning, the nearby North Edisto River, and other such safety risks. I will do my part along with all other festival volunteers to be aware of these possible hazards and to promptly report and advise visitors or other volunteers of any safety risk that I might observe. I assume the risk of my exposure to any such risk, and I release and will hold harmless and indemnify the festival organizers, promoters, landowners, and other volunteers from any claim for any damage or injury that I might sustain while serving as a volunteer at the Edisto Island Bluegrass Festival.

Volunteer Areas Job Description

Parking: Directing all vehicles to proper areas – regular parking, bus parking for bands, handicap parking, shuttling to event area and overflow parking if necessary. This job requires ability to stand and walk for a 4 hour shift. This job is NOT limited to men - women are welcome to volunteer.

Merchandise Tent: Sell T-shirts, cozies, bottled water, insect repellant, and beer and wine tokens and check ID’s for beer and wine tokens. This job requires standing, bending, reaching and light lifting. Could possibly require some knowledge of use of a credit card machine.

EIPA Membership Tent: Sell memberships to EIPA. Also, could be helping people in the Merchandise Tent. This job requires standing, bending, reaching and light lifting. Could possibly require some knowledge of use of a credit card machine.

Entry: Taking advanced tickets, selling tickets and giving out wrist bands. This job requires standing, bending, reaching and light lifting. Requires knowledge of use of a credit card machine. All online voucher tickets will be checked in by online ticket company personnel.

Beer and Wine Tent: Dispensing of beer and wine, taking tokens back to merchandise tent, serving beer and wine to customers when needed, checking for liquor ID’s and taking tokens when needed. This job requires standing, bending reaching and lifting.

VIP Tent: This job requires pre-event work: gathering of hospitality baskets for condo’s and VIP tent (donations/ would be best). Some people doing this job will need to work most of the event. One person will be assigned to each headliner band (3) all day. Other people will work shifts working to meet the needs of band members . This will probably be a standing all day or all shift job.

Set up (day before event): This job will be strenuous. Set up directional road signs to event, signs at event, set up EIPA tents, chairs and trash receptacles.

Take down (day after event): This job will be strenuous. Remove all signage, Take down of tents and chairs. People to police event area for trash left on ground.

Each Volunteer will receive the following: one free Festival T-shirt and one free ticket to the event. Volunteers need to dress for outdoors. Bring what you need to be comfortable.
Additional items are determined by personal preference. Some possibilities: insect repellent, sun block, sunglasses, hat, extra water, your favorite remedies for insect bites etc.